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4.5022. EDAMAME (steamed green soy beans)

4.0023. SUNOMONO (cucumber salad)

8.0024. OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL (4 pieces of fresh oysters with house spicy sauce)

4.5025. PORK OR VEGETABLE GYOZA (6 pot stickers pan-fried or deep-fried)

4.5026. TERIYAKI TOFU (grilled tofu with teriyaki sauce)

4.5027. AGE-DASHI TOFU (deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce)

5.5028. CHICKEN (choice of chicken katsu, sesame chicken or chicken teriyaki)

6.0029. VEGETABLES TEMPURA (6 pieces of assortment of fried vegetables)

6.0030. SHRIMP TEMPURA (4 pieces of crispy fried shrimps)

6.0031. MIX TEMPURA (lightly battered shrimps and vegetables)

7.5032. KAKI FRY (4 pieces of fried oysters)

5.5033. SOFT SHELL CRAB (crispy fried soft shell crab)

8.0034. STUFFED JALAPEÑOS (snow crab, albacore with cream cheese stuffed into jalapeños, deep-fried)

8.0035. STUFFED MUSHROOM (snow crab, albacore with cream cheese stuffed into mushroom, deep-fried)

9.5036. MAGURO SASHIMI (5-6 pieces of sliced raw tuna)

9.5037. HAMACHI SASHIMI (5-6 pieces of sliced raw yellowtail)

9.5038. SAKE SASHIMI (5-6 pieces of sliced raw salmon)

11.5039. AHI POKI (chunks of ahi tuna marinated in Hawaiian style sauce)

10.5040. B.B.Q ALBACORE (5-6 chucks of albacore tuna with house B.B.Q. sauce)

6.0041. CHICKEN SALAD (grilled slices of chicken with spring mix salad in house dressing)

12.9542. SEAFOOD SALAD (sashimi mixed with seared tuna in spring mix salad)

6.5043. WAKAME (seaweed salad)

6.5044. IKA SANSAI (B.B.Q squid salad)

10.0045. HAMACHI KAMA (lightly salted charbroiled yellowtail collarbone)

4.0045B. HOUSE SALAD (iceberg lettuce with spring mix, cucumber in house dressing)

10.5045C. BBQ SALMON (5-6 piece chunks of salmon with B.B.Q. sauce)